G20 Radio Bulletin 26

Feb 08, 2024

Reporter: International taxation and culture? Financial inclusion and the oceans? These are subjects that are unlikely to be thought of alongside each other. This meeting already has a set date and place, however. On February 8, in São Paulo, the Ministry of Finance is going to hold the event “G20 Brasil: priorities and challenges”—which, in an unprecedented way, will bring together the Finance Track, civil society representatives, and G20 Social engagement groups. All in all, 13 groups that work on different social topics will be there.

The event is in line with the Brazilian G20 presidency’s intention of bringing the global cooperation forum closer to civil society. The G20 Social is an unprecedented initiative that brings together non-governmental organizations, popular movements, unions and other social representations. The event will be broadcast live on the Ministry of Finance's YouTube channel.

The Ministry was invited to permanently join the Technical Working Group that coordinates social participation in the G20, as highlighted by Tatiana Berringer, who is responsible for dialogue with civil society and the Finance Track.

Tatiana Berringer: The idea is to bring in the State officials who are at the forefront of the negotiations, so that civil society may listen to them and understand what the priorities and expectations are—and also that civil society, as well as listening to them, may present its own demands. We believe that building social participation can be the great legacy of Brasil’s G20 presidency.

Reporter: This event, held right at the beginning of the G20’s work, is an effort to align the propositions and discussions that are going to mature until November 18 and 19, when Brasil will host the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The Social Summit is going to be held between November 15 and 17, also in Rio.

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