Opportunities for Global Impact Through Brazil’s G-20 Presidency

Aude Darnal, Maiara Folly, Ana Saggioro Garcia and Leonardo César Souza Ramos

Mar 05, 2024
G20 Brasil
On February 16, the Global South in the World Order network discussed Brazil’s presidency of the G-20 in 2024. Brazil’s G-20 agenda advances interests shared by Global South countries. These include promoting sustainable development, countering hunger and poverty globally, and reforming global governance institutions.
To these ends, Brazil has established three new frameworks under the auspices of the G-20: the Task Force for a Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty, the Bioeconomy Initiative, and the Task Force for the Global Mobilization Against Climate Change. In addition, Brazil has launched an unprecedented G-20 Social, which aims to increase the inclusion of civil society organizations in the group’s discussions and decision-making processes.
The Global South has an unprecedented opportunity to shape the G-20 agenda, especially because the group has been and will continue to be presided over by successive Global South countries: Indonesia in 2022, India in 2023, Brazil in 2024, and South Africa in 2025. Combined with increasing multipolarity, including similar efforts led by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) and its five new members, this moment offers Global South countries a rare and concrete opportunity to further their interests on the international scene. For the United States, which will preside over the G-20 in 2026, Brazil’s presidency of the G-20 presents an opportunity to develop an engagement plan based on strategic empathy and mutual understanding to collaborate with Global South partners in finding solutions for global emergencies like climate change. Nonetheless, the outcome of the 2024 U.S. presidential elections will be a determining factor of the scope for such cooperation.
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